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Professional Master's Program: An Unconventional Career Track

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Initial Funding by the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

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Spring 2014 - Corporation Reception Special Issue

Issue 22, Fall 2013
Issue 21, Spring 2013
Issue 20, Summer 2012
Issue 19, Spring 2012  
Issue 18, Summer 2011
Issue 17, Spring 2011
Issue 16, Summer 2010
Issue 15, F09/S10  
Issue 14, Summer 09
Issue 13, F08/S09
Issue 12, Summer 08
Issue 11, Winter 07/Spring 08
Issue 10, Summer 2007
Issue 9, Winter 2006
Issue 8, Summer 2006
Issue 7, Winter 2005
Issue 6, Summer 2005
Issue 5, Winter 2004
Issue 4, Summer 2004
Issue 3, Spring 2004
Issue 2, Winter 2003
Issue 1, Summer 2003

PSM Article in Rice Magazine, Vol 4, 2009  

National Professional Science Master's Association Newsletters

Newsletter Winter/Spring 10/11 

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A Sharp New Focus on Job Skills

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Scientific American - Guide to Professional Science Master's

Article in Science Magazine on Science Careers:


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Institute of Physics article (London) mentions Rice University and the PSM Program

The Distillate, May 2011
Mixing Business and Chemistry: Should I Consider a Professional Master's Degree?

Chronicle of Higher Education, August 2010
Needed: Support for Professional Science Master's Degrees

CGS Communicator, August 2010
The Role and Status of the Master's Degree in "STEM" in Review

APS Physics, May 2010
Training Physics Professionals for the Nonacademic Workforce

Inside Higher Ed., November 2009
Promoting Professional Science Master's Degrees

Science Careers, July 2009
Taken for Granted: An Alternative to the Ph.D. Track

Science News, June 2009
Professional Science Master's is 21st Century MBA

Nature Medicine, May 2009
A Master's Degree with a business spin gains popularity

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), April 2009
The Professional Sciences Master's: The MBA for science

Science Magazine, March 2009
Professional Science Master's Programs merit wider support

Council of Graduate Schools website 

Arizona Daily Star, May 2006
Business, science a powerful mix - UA students find 2 fields go hand in hand

Nature Biotechnology, 2005
Alternative Career Options in the Biomedical Industry: The professional science masters degree

Career Journal of The Wall Street Journal, October 2004
New Degree Combines Business & Science

USA Today, July 18, 2004
Add science, business, mathematics and stir

The Scientist, May 6, 2004
U.S. faces science shortage

Rice News, Volume 13, Number 25, March 18, 2004
Professional Master's Program helps grads fill niche in market

Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report, 07/24/03
Big Energy Turns to Tiny Nanotech

The Conference Board, May 8, 2003
Conference Board Study Shows Professional Master's Degree Students Do Well In Job Market

Rice News, Volume 12, Number 21, February, 13, 2003
Houston well-positioned to take lead in nanotechnology industry

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